Video Of A Brave Dude Helping Save A Dog From A Rabid Bobcat

ANTHEM, AZ – A bobcat attack was caught on camera in Anthem, Arizona this weekend.

Jason Garrido posted the video to Facebook and provided the footage to Phoenix-based KNXV.

Garrido said the bobcat ran after and attacked a dog. A witness saw what was happening and jumped out to help.

Steve Verschoor was bitten by the bobcat as he got the bobcat off the dog. His hand was punctured, his thumb fractured, and his arm clawed.

“Once I saw the cat spring on top of the dog, and the owner was trying to pull the dog back, I said, ‘Someone else has to help out here,'” said Verschoor.

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People do wild things in the heat of the moment. This fella for instance. This dude runs up on a german shepherd and bobcat fight and goes straight into the tussle without regard for his own limbs.

Breaking up a regular cat and dog fight can be scary. Teeth and nails flying everywhere. You add a rabid bobcat to the mix and you are likely to get your hand, dick, or face bitten and or scratched completely off.

I don’t blame the dude for leaving his car in drive, either. You can only think about one, maybe two things at once. Operating a motor vehicle in the midst of a bobcat/dog fight is more dangerous than a DUI. Science has proven that with study after study. Hell, it’s part of the reason that every car has a bobcat warning on the sun visor. People need to start heeding those warnings. Simple as that.