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Starling Marte Is Eligible To Return From Suspension Today

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Huge day for Pirates fans as Starling Marte is finally eligible to return from his 80 game suspension for steroid use. It comes just in time too, as the Pirates are in jeopardy of seeing their season go up in flames if they don’t go on a little run soon. Marte’s bat, glove, and speed immediately makes them better in each phase, and with only six games separating the Buckos and Milwaukee, they still have a shot at making a run at the division title or a Wild Card spot.

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The issues surrounding his suspension still linger, as he is adamant that he took nothing illegal, and definitely did not inject anything himself, or have anything injected into him, even though on Monday he said through a translator that “he regrets not being careful enough.” That’s not exactly an admission of guilt, but when these guys go and play winter ball in the Dominican it’s like the Wild West, who knows what kind of shit they’re putting into their bodies. But he can rake, and he’s fun to watch, so let him take all the Nandrolone his heart can handle if it heats things up in the Central.

Whether it stirs the pot in the NL or not, every baseball fan should be appreciative that Marte is lacing up the spikes again. There are a handful of guys in the bigs that have as electric talent as he does, and we need as many of those guys in play as possible as the stretch run approaches. Right now, no team has a firm grip on the Central, and the Cubs seem certain to make a run with their acquisition of Jose Quintana. Marte being available for the Pirates ensures that they won’t be an afterthought right away.

Written by @TSchmit23