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Joel Embiid Was None Too Pleased To Learn His NBA2k18 Rating Wasn't The Best In The League

Bull. Crap. Did you hear the man? These words deserve at minimum a 298 rating.

“As a big man I can do everything…post 3’s, post up, handle the ball.”

“When I was on the court I was the best defender in the league.”

A humble JoJo, he is. I mean, I don’t hate the cockiness. Embiid thinks he’s the greatest, and for 31 games he played like one of the bests. But…31 games. An 86 actually seems kind of high for someone who has played only 31 out of a possible 227 NBA contests since he’s been drafted. 6 players had a score of 95 or higher in NBA2k17:

1. LeBron James: 97 OVR
2. James Harden: 96 OVR
3. Russell Westbrook: 96 OVR
4. Kawhi Leonard: 96 OVR
5. Stephen Curry: 95 OVR
6. Kevin Durant: 95 OVR

Safe to say JoJo isn’t on any of their levels…yet. At least he’s somewhat self aware:

And tbh, by that logic Embiid is lucky to sniff 70. Whatever. It won’t matter in the game itself as JoJo will chuck his virtual player rating to 100 by its All-Star break. You think Keenan Allen overused his guy in Madden by going for 300+ yards on 30+ targets? The amount of times NBA2k18 Joel Embiid will shoot the rock will be borderline unconstitutional. Trust me. We’ve seen it before. We’ll see it again.