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New Study Says 40 Is Age That Is Too Old For the Club

CBSThere isn’t an age limit at nightclubs across the world, per se, but how old is too old to go clubbing? According to a survey by Currys PC World, 37 years old is that magic number. Currys carried out a survey of 5,000 adults and found that 37 percent of participants went as far as saying that it’s “tragic” seeing those out at clubs who are 40 or older.

Lots of people were sending me this article over the weekend. Apparently some hot shot nerds are saying that 40 is the age when it’s too old to hit the clubs. Everybody pointing and laughing at me for being a club rat. Well a couple quick things here. First of all I haven’t been to a club since my 40th birthday so fuck you. But more importantly this article is actually a compliment to me and I totally agree with it. NORMAL people can’t go to the club at 40. It’s a disgusting look. Vile, desperate and gross. Like go home and spend time with your wife and family grandpa and stop trying to pick up girls half your age. I totally get it. Hell 35 may be too old. But listen, I’m not normal. I’m fake rich and fake famous.  When you are on Late Night Talk Shows you can go to the club till you’re fucking 50. I’m in the prime of my club life according to this study. It’s all a famous and fortune degree continuum. Like Leo and go to clubs till he’s 70.  Normal dudes gotta stop at 40. Internet famous moguls 50.