A Very Good Boy Named Storm Saved A Baby Deer From Drowning

Unreal. I have so many questions. First of all, how? How deep was the water? How did the dog know the deer was out there in there first place? How long did it take the dog to locate the deer? But really, how did he know? Maybe that should be obvious. Dogs sense tragedy happening and react accordingly. Storm saved the shit outta that deer. Not only did he save the deer but he was SUPER concerned afterwards. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a dog saving another animal for food or to be the hero. Storm was for sure doing the latter. There was even a split second where I thought Storm was gonna start giving the deer CPR. Go back and watch. There’s a moment where Storm wants to administer CPR but is like, “I don’t have fucking thumbs otherwise I would. Step up and do something, human.” Hero. Good boy. Storm.