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Ed Sheeran's Cameo On 'Game Of Thrones" Was Pointless And Dumb

So obviously last night was the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones. TONS of hype. If you spend any time at all on Twitter (or in the real world I guess) it’s all anyone was talking about. Lots of it were people debating how big of a loser you are if you watch the show and how big of a loser you are if you don’t watch the show. Anyway. There was an Ed Sheeran cameo in the episode and it was so goddamn stupid. I shouldn’t get worked up about it cause it ultimately doesn’t matter but it was so fucking stupid. I don’t know why the Game of Thrones show runners decided it was a good idea. I understand why Sheeran did it. He can now be like, “I was on Game of Thrones! How cool is that!”

My biggest problem with Ed Sheeran being on Game of Thrones is I can’t stop thinking, “Hey that’s Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones” when he’s on the screen. I’m gonna feel that way when Noah Syndergaard pops up, too. Thrones is confusing enough when I’m paying full attention to things that are happening. Also, it was pointless. Nothing cool or interesting happened. If I’m Ed Sheeran and I’m gonna be on Thrones, I want my throat slit and my organs tossed all over the place. Instead he sat around a camp fire and sang kumbaya. So lame.

Also, check out the Post-Game of Thrones discussion me, CharlieWisco and Clem had after last night’s episode. Lots of Chekhov’s gun talk while not totally knowing what it means