FEDERER WINS WIMBLEDON, Doesn't Drop One Set All Tournament

Roger Federer just bullied Marin Cilic. He took his clothes, his dignity, his family, his honor. Everything. He put on an absolute clinic the entire tournament and today was a walk in the park. Dude didn’t break a sweat. HE DIDN’T DROP A SET ALL TOURNAMENT.

Literally had the man in tears in the second set. It was astonishing to watch. I thought for a second he was going to retire and hand the title over, which would’ve really sucked because it would’ve stole Federer’s moment away. So props to Cilic for getting his shit together and finishing the match. Tennis is an absolute grind and it takes a toll on you. Just a wild move to burst out in tears mid-match.

Shoutout to this dude in Cilic’s box sitting right next to his fiancee, just rocking a Federer hat in Marin’s face. Diabolical move

You could see how much this meant to Fed as he was sitting down after the match crying. You gotta love that stuff. Guy has worked so hard to get back to having this moment.

Sup haters….

See everyone in Queens for the US Open as we go for grandslam number 20…

P.S. Federer’s kids are already so much cooler than you or I will ever be