Hit That Despacito Girl Brings Back Despacito As The Song Of The Summer

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 9.13.21 AM

Fucking adorable. I wish I could have my kids do this kinda shit on video, man. Just hitting the nate nate and whathaveyou anytime I asked.

Problem is, my kids just don’t listen all that well. I could say, “hit that Despacito” and they’d just look at my like a dick was growing out of my forehead.

This dad did it right, though. He set this girl up to go viral and it happened at one scene. Do you know which scene it was?

It was the noodle scene. As soon as I saw the girl eat the noodle, hit the despacito without hesitation, and then laugh, I knew the video was going to be a hit and so did you.

If you’re jonesing, here’s the full video.