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Michael Pineda Has Torn His UCL And is Done For The Year, Will Have Tommy John As Barstool JJ First Reported

UNBELIEVABLE. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE. We haven’t even played a goddamn game yet to start the second half and we’re already once again decimated with more injuries. JJ was on this an hour before anyone else with his sources inside the clubhouse and I didn’t want to believe it. My heart can’t take another injury Some might say oh yeah great who cares about Pineda. Well, to that I say are you crazy? You think this team is in any shape to be suffering season ending injuries to pitchers not named Masahiro Tanaka? Just insane how the injuries keep piling and piling up. INSANE.

Cashman has come out and said Chance Adams will be an option considered to replace Pineda long term, but for now Luis Cessa will get the start next week against Minnesota. Does having Chance Adams waiting, ready to rock help ease the pain of this news? 100% and who knows, he might storm the castle and come out guns blazing to give this team the jot it needs. Let’s pray that’s the case, but if you’re a believer in bad omens, this is as bad as they fucking come. Fuck.

Update: Okay, well at least Holliday returns tonight and Castro hopefully tomorrow, fingers crossed. These two guys could be a MASSIVE pick-me-up and almost like we made a trade in itself. Let’s mash this weekend boys.

P.S. Yeah feel free to credit Barstool JJ with breaking the news a full hour before any other news outlet. What a week for Barstool Baseball.

P.P.S. Is Ray Ramirez working for the Yankees secretly?

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