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Woman Knocks Over $200,000 Art Exhibit While Trying To Take A Selfie With It

MASHABLEA visitor to the 14th Factory in Los Angeles, California, caused $200,000 worth of damage when she knocked over a display while attempting to take a selfie a few weeks ago.

According to the museum, three sculptures were “permanently damaged” in the incident.

The whole thing was captured on security cameras, and later shared to LiveLeak. In the clip, a woman can be seen crouching in front of a row of sculptures placed on pedestals, presumably trying to take a selfie. She loses her balance, and knocks the pedestal directly behind her over, which then in turn creates a domino effect, knocking over at least 10 pedestals topped with art.

I’m sure everyone is going to trip over themselves to blame this woman and hop on their soapboxes to start ranting and raving about millennial culture.  Fuck that.  How about blaming the dumbass artist?  And the dumbass museum?   How about cordoning off the area around your precious little exhibit if it’s so valuable?  Every museum I’ve ever been to has a clearly defined area that you can’t enter that is roped off and watched like a hawk by a human security guard or 4.   How about taking some responsibility for your lack of planning and foresight?  You created a work of art that you put on display and you’re mad at this lady for wanting to take a picture with it?  Sorry she doesn’t have any friends to take it, why don’t you make her feel worse about it?

Seriously this is what I’m supposed to feel bad for?

The gallery is described as a “monumental, multiple-media, socially engaged art and documentary experience conceived by the Hong Kong-based British artist Simon Birch.”


The exhibit, titled “Hypercaine” consists of a series of crowns created with different mediums. Below is the description provided by the museum.

Inside a serene space, singular objects rest on plinths: these are crowns, or at least some semblance of what a crown might be, presented as precious trophies or boons. Some are classic in form, intricately crafted while others are very simple in design, as though rendered from a child’s drawing. Others have more elaborate forms: alien, hybrid, they are at times even contorted into inhibiting devices, somewhere between a crown and a mask. Some are fashioned of precious materials like gold or silver, some of marble; others of more humble material like wood, nylon, scrap metal, or dried herbs and flowers. These are variously imagined forms of the goods of desire that we journeyers hope to gain, the boon that awaits us when we have come through the battle. Flanking the crown room is a small, intimate space, inhabited by a collection of actual meteorite stones, modest in appearance but holding within them the secrets of the universe.

Fuck you Simon Birch.  Fuck your art. Go kill Ashley Judd with another foul ball.  Team Selfie forever.