50 Cent Is Confused As To Why Conor McGregor Is Coming After Him, Fires Back

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So this was a weird moment during last night’s Mayweather/McGregor press conference in Brooklyn. McGregor was pea cocking around with his mink on when he decided to start shitting all over 50 Cent outta the blue. I mean it’s not completely outta the blue cause Floyd and 50 Cent are friends (who were once enemies then friends then enemies then friends). So he thought he could draw the parallel between 50 Cent being bankrupt with Floyd owing the IRS millions of dollars. It was weird and random. It was also weird for McGregor to be like, “What’s up New York City!” and then shit on one of New York’s hip hop icons. I was confused. The crowd seemed confused. Well 50 Cent was also confused and naturally fired back at McGregor on Instagram cause that’s where the beef cooks in 2017.

Personally, I am no longer confused. I didn’t really have a dog in this fight at all but was sorta pulling for McGregor cause Floyd Mayweather is a realllllllll piece of shit. Just an absolute piece of garbage. And I’m part Irish so it was kinda by default that I was pulling for the cocksure Irishman. Like when we all drape ourselves in American flags during the World Cup. Well not anymore. I can’t pull for a guy who shits all over my lord and savior 50 Cent. Even if it was random and only to try and get Floyd mad. Doesn’t matter. I just can’t. I wore a Gorilla Unit Special Ops shirt back in the day and those colors don’t run. McGregor would’ve been better off spitting directly in my eyeball than disparaging the name of Curtis Jackson. I also can’t pull for Floyd Mayweather because he beats up both men and women. So I’m not pulling for anyone. I hope they knock each other out on August 26th. Or I hope G-Unit gets the band back together, they storm the T-Mobile arena and Young Buck handles it like the Vibe awards. Either one.