Dock Surfing Is The Coolest Shit I've Ever Seen

via Stab Magazine

Think about your average summer weekend. You probably wake up a little slower than usual. Maybe head around the corner to the bagel shop to get a bacon egg and cheese. The boys come over, you guys rip a few Dunkin Donuts Energy Punches to get yourselves ready for the day, maybe partake in some alcohol consumption at the beach or the lake or wherever the hell it is you go. Then you head back home, keep pre-gaming for the night, head out to the bar, spend some money you don’t have, try to hit on girls that are out of your league, strike out a few times, grab a few slices of pizza before you get the Uber home, go to sleep and then do it all over again. Doesn’t sound terrible, but it doesn’t sound great either.

Meanwhile, these brehs are just ripping it up in Bali and changing the game with dock surfing.


It’s got all the best parts about surfing like actually riding the wave. Minus the worst part which is being so gassed from paddling out there that you can’t even push yourself up on your board by the time you have the wave. Obviously it also looks like a pretty easy way to die…


But dying because you were dock surfing in Bali is a way better story than dying because your asshole friends ran you over with a golf cart at your local course.

And this is just the beginning. Imagine when it gets to the point where you can throw a dock out there in the ocean the size of a football field. You can throw a party on that shit, you’re in the middle of talking to that sonofabitch Greg–who always seems to find you and corner you into some boring ass conversation for 30 minutes–and right as he’s about to keep going on about his latest crossfit routine, you jump off the side of the dock and right into the middle of a wave. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I’ve never hated my life more than I do right now after seeing this video and realizing these guys have it so much better.

h/t Stab Mag