And That's Why Game Of Thrones Is The Best


SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen last night’s episode I’d stop scrolling.



Alright that should be good.

joff gone

And down goes the king!  Peace out King Joffrey.  A victory for every person who hated that little fucking prick King Joffrey which I’m assuming was everybody.  That incestuous bastard was the worst.  Last week I said on KFC Radio I said that out of any TV or movie character the one I’d like to fight was Joffrey.  Then he ends up dead with a belly full of poison just a few days later.  I wish I could tell you that’s nothing more than a coincidence but with the roll I’ve been on it probably wasn’t.  So you’re welcome for having the biggest asshole on TV killed.  It didn’t take long at all for GOT to start throwing plot haymakers.  The show just came back last week.  I’m still trying to remember who all the characters are and what point all the storyline are at and they go and kill off one of the main ones.  I was elated it happened but I for sure didn’t see it coming.  And that’s precisely what makes GOT the best show on television.  Nobody is safe.  Anything can happen at any time.  Whether it’s supposed-main-character Ned Stark getting his head sliced off or the Red Wedding, people you don’t expect to die are dying all over the place.  You knew watching The Sopranos that Tony wasn’t going to get killed.  There’s no show without him.  Same goes for Walter White and Breaking Bad.  That doesn’t apply to GOT and that’s what makes it fucking awesome.  Every character can go at any time.  No other show makes me yell at my TV like GOT does.  It’s also the only one that can make me audibly cheer when a teenage boy gets killed as was the case last night.  So who did it?  My money is on the drunk guy who gave Sansa a necklaces in last week’s episode.  If you expect me to know his name then you came to the wrong place.

The other thing that makes it great is they didn’t even show fan-favorites Khaleesi and her dragons or The Hound and Arya and I’m pretty sure nobody cares after what happened in last night’s episode.  That’s remarkable.

PS- If you’re one of those people who read the GOT books and knew that was coming last night, we don’t care.  We really don’t.  KFC was railing against these people on Twitter last night and he was 100% right.  Book readers are assholes.  Walking around all high and mighty because they know what’s going to happen.  Or even worse are the book readers who say, “The books came out a long time ago!  How have you not read them by now?” Get outta here.  We’re all very proud that you guys can read but let us enjoy the show.

Double PS- Need some Margaery Tyrell nakedness in my life ASAP.  I think I remember her getting naked in an earlier season but that needs to come back around.  She’s single now so she should just starting having sex with everybody.  Chick is fire on top of fire.