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This Video Of Skip Bayless Debating Skip Bayless Is Just As Terrifying As Your Worst Nightmare

Congratulations Barstool reader! You have won a free hug for choosing to read this blog despite that anti-clickbait headline. That headline is straight up clickpoison and your eyes and ears have probably blown themselves up. Please print this out at your nearest printer and it is redeemable if you ever see me in the wild. Actually are printers still a thing? If not, just show me this blog and I’ll give you a hug.


Anyway, I would obviously rather get waterboarded than be forced to listen to one Skip Bayless let alone two for more than 60 seconds. But that video was pretty funny. Not classically funny but laughing at the old crazy guy argue with himself as he yells at the sky funny. If the people blindly steering FS1 into an iceberg had any sense, they would occasionally embrace just how ridiculous Skip is. Maybe they could even beat Bubble Guppies.

And while we’re at it, ESPN could run these Stephen A. Smith Greatest Weed Soundbites and give the world the best First Take we will ever see.

h/t SI