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Kellyanne Conway Whips Out Flash Cards And The Internet's Reaction Is To Be Expected...

Kellyanne Conway doing Kellyanne Conway things from the front lawn of the White House. Busting out some flash cards like it’s kindergarten. Talking about collusion and conclusions and illusions and delusions and quite frankly I don’t even remember what we’re talking about anymore. Need a flashcard for deception. Conway pretzeled me right into some flashcard cocoon from which I may never escape. Touché.

As is tradition, when you whip out white flashcards from the White House lawn to explain geopolitical issues, you will be mocked on twitter.

This should serve as another reminder to all you public figures and known companies out there; you cannot hold up white pieces of paper on television and you cannot do open questioning on twitter. Will backfire every time.

Gotta love Kellyanne Conway tho. Loves the game. A true grinder.


Kellyanne Conway Speaks To Morning Shows From Front Lawn Of White House