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Cubs And White Sox Just Pulled Off A MEGA Trade, Eloy Jimenez And Dylan Cease For Jose Quintana

Wow. I’m shocked, not only because I didn’t think the Sox would give up Quintana but I didn’t think the two teams would ever make such a huge deal with each other (a trade of relievers like they did in 06 always felt like more the norm). This has the makings to provide trash talking for the next decade. Every time Eloy hits a bomb, every time Quintana has a great outing, it’s fucking on. Knee jerk reaction is the Cubs gave up great talent they had no room for and in return they’re getting a controlled young arm that can be at the front end of the rotation so I’m all in. This is exactly the deal we all expected for a long time now. You load your minors up with batters and pull off a deal like this for an ace that can anchor your staff. I just never thought it would happen with the White Sox. I know people hate to hear this because every trade has to have a winner and loser immediately but I think both teams won on this one. They both got something they needed and can build with. Its fucking on.

WhiteSoxDave and Carl are working on an in depth blog right now  that should be up shortly. But theyve been talking about this for a while. Insiders at their best.