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Lindsey Vonn Has Been All Over Aaron Rodgers' Instagram Lately And It's Concerning Me

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I am not okay with this AT ALL. Lindsey Vonn has a recent track record of ruining careers. She’s the definition of low-key crazy considering she willingly dated Tiger after the whole sex scandal came out. Of course that ended and Tiger continued his downslide, leading to his most recent DUI. She dated JJ Watt and he got injured and had to have season ending surgery. Who knows what kind of player he’ll be next year post-injury, but with the Lindsey Vonn curse in play I bet he won’t be the same. So now she’s set her sights on my golden boy Aaron Rodgers. Lindsey, just go away, go after Mark Sanchez or Romo or Carson Wentz. That’s a good one, go after bible boy Carson Wentz and ruin his career. Just stop flirting with my guy on Instagram because we all know this won’t end well.

Oh and OF COURSE this comes out yesterday

The Lindsey Vonn Effect. Further ruining athletes careers just like the Kardashians. She’s a goddamn temptress

The 2017 ESPYS - Backstage And Audience813581884The 2017 ESPYS - Show

Well, at least Aaron won an ESPY for best play last night. Hilarious that it’s probably not even close to the best throw he’s ever made.

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