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USA vs Russia Watch Party Tomorrow At Declan's In Old Town




Quick Reminder, tomorrow morning, 6 am, good guys vs bad guys, freedom vs communism, US vs the Soviets.


Here’s the deal, because we have the most loyal fanbase in the world all the tables at Declan’s got reserved within 45 minutes of my post the other day. BUT there is still tons of room at the bar. Bar seats, high tops and standing room. So it’s first come first serve, if you get there early you’ll have a spot, if you stroll in at 6:30 no guarantees. Hope to see everyone out there. Also, I don’t know about everyone else but this is just the warm up, once you’re out on Saturday you’re out. Full slate of College Basketball right after the game.




Oh and here’s a little treat for you guys beforehand. She’ll be one of the bartenders tomorrow, you’ll just have to take a guess which one it is.