Wake Up With 50 Cent Challenging Floyd Mayweather To Read A Page Of A Harry Potter Book Or The Cat In The Hat

With Conor McGregor bringing up Floyd Mayweather’s struggles with reading the written word, I figured now was the perfect time to bring back these two classic clips. Two absolute first ballot Hall of Fame videos that are the reason you mine content on the internet day in and day out. Because you never know when pure gold will fall into your lap like the pearl dropped into Kino’s lap in The Pearl. But Floyd doesn’t know nothing about that. If McGregor doesn’t bring a Cat In The Hat book and challenge Floyd to read it during either of the next two press conferences, it was a MASSIVE missed opportunity by The Notorious MMA.

I also forgot that this video happened during the Ice Bucket Challenge too. What a wild summer that was. Content left and right that also supported a great cause. Can’t wait to see what the next McGregor/Mayweather press conference has in store. Yeah the fight is almost definitely going to suck. But if you can’t enjoy those press conferences, you are the epitome of a wet blanket.