John Daly Made A Stop At The White House To Hang Out With His Pal Donald Trump

Yep. Pat is correct. John Daly is the most interesting man the in the world. Great looking family, too. Just chilling in the office of the most powerful man in the world. John Daly is also on top of the world while Donald Trump is president. I really hope he realizes that. It’s no secret that Donnie T loves golf and golfers. So I honestly think think there isn’t a single thing Donald Trump wouldn’t do for John Daly. Not one thing. Daly could ask Trump to blow up the moon and it would just happen. No questions asked. We’d instantly toss an atomic bomb at the moon. Daly could ask to be his Vice President and Trump would figure out a way to kick Mike Pence to the curb. There have been fewer bromances in history stronger than the one between Donald Trump and John Daly. Just guys being dudes loving each other.