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New York Times Film Critic Takes "Game Of Thrones" WAY Too Seriously, You Liberals Don't Even Get Why You Like It

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Boy this guy seems like a real fun dude to be around, doesn’t he? At a party hanging out with Ross Douthat and you think you’re just enjoying your Bud Light because it goes down easy and you want to get a nice buzz on? Wrong, you fucking snowflake. You’re drinking that Bud Light because deep down in places you refuse to talk about you have a burning desire to be ruled by King Phillipe and the rest of the Belgians, you fucking cuck. Drink that monarchy in.

Every once in a while you meet or read someone and realize it must be hell inside their head, to the extent where you’re not even mad you just genuinely pity them. Ross Douthat is such a man. Inside that balding cranium is a maelstrom that I wouldn’t wish upon my very worst enemy. It truly must be exhausting waking up every single day and being him, dealing with these thoughts, seeing things that people enjoy but possessing the extreme intelligence so you know why they *really* like it. You think you enjoy GOT because there are cool sword fights and dragons and awesome storylines and it’s a perfect mix of fantasy and realism? Nope, it lets you escape the dreariness of liberalism. It fills the hole in your heart that freedom put there and allows you to dream about being ruled over, as we all have. You’re no different than a dog.

Poor guy, he’s got a superpower that he never asked for. I’ve been fortunate enough to be born a simple man who can enjoy things that people find enjoyable, but Ross doesn’t have that luxury. He sees everything for what it really is. That’s the most difficult life imaginable.