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We've Got An American In The Wimbledon Semis!!! Sam Querrey Takes Down World #1 Andy Murray

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Well, that was unexpected…Sam Querrey, the lone American remaining on the Men’s side of the bracket, just upset the world #1 and defending Wimbledon champ Andy Murray in five sets. Querrey is a feisty bastard with a big serve and he took advantage of a hobbled Murray today in England.

Now was this classic Murray faking an injury and limping to draw in sympathy? Could have been, but he truly didn’t look right in that fifth set. Credit to Querrey for becoming the first American to reach the semis at Wimbledon since 2009. This is weird territory for the USA because of the disappointments Isner and Sock have been for the most part the last five years. Well, here’s 29 years Slammin’ Sammy stepping up and seizing the opportunity. He’ll get the winner of Muller/Cilic which, as I write this, is headed to a fifth set. How about a Wimbledon final with Sam Querrey and Giles Muller. Anyone call that one?

Now it’s time for Federer Raonic. I know the whole office is going to be on pins and needles for this match. Aka I’m sitting alone at the bar sweating my ass off. Last time these two danced at Wimbledon it was last year and Raonic pulled off the upset in five sets. But today is a new day. Let’s go FED!!!!!

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