The White House Is Running Perfectly And The President Has Little Time For Watching TV, Per The President

1. The White House is never running perfectly. Ever. It never has and it never will. There are literally THOUSANDS of people that work in and for the White House. When you’ve got that many people, you’ve got constant leaks, communication problems, administrative problems, disagreements, fuck ups, inner-office romances, your internet might go down, etc etc. It’s simply not possible for something that large to run perfectly.

But of course it’s running perfectly because Donnie s ays it’s running perfectly. How else would it run?

2. Good thing we’re getting updates as to the President’s current TV-watching availability. Usually he openly tweets about how much TV he watches, so must be real busy this week. Lots of shit going on. Son’s publishing Russian meeting emails. Congress is out about health care. Just doesn’t have that much time for TV right now.

Also took some time to address his favorite topic this morning:

NEED that reminder of what “sources” means. Always forget.

And we have a return of one of the classics…

…Sad! You gotta love the classics.

PS — Oh and he is exclusively RT’ing and promoting Fox News now. Suck it CNN.

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