Knicks Sign Ronnie Baker The Buckets Maker To A 2-Year/$8.9 Million Deal Because They Are The Knicks

I saw this tweet come in and I didn’t even blink twice. $9 million and a player option for Ron Baker is just another day in the Greek tragedy that is being a Knicks fan. I actually like Baker because he was able to become crack an NBA rotation after going undrafted following his 15 seasons at Wichita State. But those contract numbers are ridiculous just like Tim Hardaway Jr’s contract numbers are ridiculous. There is no chance any other NBA team was coming close to offering those types of numbers to Ronnie Sunshine. People legitimately are asking me if Steve Mills knows how the salary cap or CBA works. And to be honest, I really don’t know.

At least the Baker Home Makers are happy today.

And while I have been ranting like this for a little while on the blog and on Twitter, let me just vent one last time. I truly believe the Knicks are about to re-enter the mid-2000s nightmare again. They will be win too many games to get a Top 3 lottery pick (unless the basketball gods stop fucking them or Adam Silver goes full Stern and rigs it). But the Knicks will win not neeeeeeeeearly enough games to be a contender even in the Eastern Conference. In the NBA, you should either be competing for a title or competing for the number 1 pick. If you aren’t doing that, you are completely fucked in basketball purgatory with your only chance becoming good is a player developing like crazy out of nowhere, a superduperstar free agent signing with you, or absolutely NAILING a draft pick that slid too far. Since Steve Mills, the GM of this franchise over the last 4 nightmarish years, is already being rumored to be promoted to Knicks Team President, I doubt any of that happens. Which is why I hope the Knicks go full Knicks on us and sign Rajon Rondo, get pennies on the dollar of Melo, officially bring Isiah back to the Knicks side of MSG (officially that is, since I’m sure he dabbles with Knicks stuff as is), and let the tire fire burn so bright aliens will see it from space before hopefully trying to destroy the entire planet like Independence Day.

I would say that Dolan has to get rid of Mills, Isiah, and anyone else from the old regime and hire someone competent that actually has experience building a winning team (or a losing team with a purpose, what’s up Sam Hinkie). But instead all that will happen is whoever Dolan hires will sooner or later become sick of having a shitty boss and that competent person will leave like Donnie Walsh did after he built the only decent Knicks team of Dolan’s reign of terror. And you know who will be there to take over once that competent person leaves? That’s right. Steve fucking Mills.


This team is forever stuck in this loop of misery until James Dolan sells the team or dies.

Now hit the Knicks music!!!

And of course, fuck this franchise.