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The Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour Begins Today At 5pm (Or Whenever They Decide To Show Up)

At 5pm EST, that video goes live. I chose my words carefully there, because I highly doubt the Press Conference will actually begin when it’s supposed to being Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are both NOTORIOUSLY (pun intended) late to everything.

So basically, here’s what the deal is:
They’re doing 4 pressers. Today in Los Angeles, tomorrow in Toronto, Thursday in New York, and Friday in London. No Vegas or Dublin is a super strange choice, but the addition of Brooklyn is huge for me because I get to throw the Big J suit on and get out there in the field. Friend of the program Brendan Schaub is actually heavily involved in the broadcast of these, too. Ariel Helwani was supposed to be, but tweeted the following today…

That’s tough.

I’ll be livetweeting every one of them on Twitter (FOLLOW @RobbieBarstool) as well as blogging each after they’re over. Thursday is the big one, don’t forget that.

Remember, no matter how lopsided you may think this fight is, no McGregor press conference has ever disappointed. He’s going to wrap Floyd in a mental pretzel over and over and over again. Pregame with some of his greatest hits: