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Is Dave The Biggest Asshole Alive For Trying To Steal Money That Doesn't Belong To Him?

First things first- Dave, figure out your fucking internet company. Fucking insane Frankie was like holding his phone to the mic and Keith was sitting at his desk with a fidget spinner because you can’t keep the internet on for your own company.

But instead of trying to get us to the moon, he tries to steal money from his hard working employees. Me and Smitty are out here interviewing Phil Hellmuth, interviewing Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu invited us to his house! (and then canceled last second but whatever). And what does Dave do? Tries to steal our money!

Look, I have no problem giving my pal KMarko some money.

And yes Caleb, you big dummy, I will help you get bottle service


I’m a generous guy who likes the majority of the people I grind in the trenches with day in and day out.

But no Dave, you DO NOT get to decide what I do with my 50%. That is my money dawg! My money! It’s in the emails! Me and Smitty are the “they” and Fantasy Labs is the “we”. I have clarified that with both people who made the deal, including the CEO of FantasyLabs, your one stop shop for all your daily fantasy sports needs.

And furthermore, if I wanted to sell 5% of my own 50% that I have for 3 TRILLION DOLLARS I very well could have, BECAUSE IT’S MY 50%.



Look Dave, I get it. You’re bored. You’re jealous you turned down the very generous offer to come out here and play in it yourself. So now you want a piece. You want in on the action. In on the club night. In on the interviews with the top poker players in the world. I get it, I really do. But sadly, that’s not how it was drawn up. So instead of trying to sabotage me and Smitty, maybe just be supportive, cheer us on, share our awesome content we’ve been making, and be a team player.


The funniest part is we’re still SO FAR, SO, SO, SO, SOOOOOO far from the money, this whole argument is over like….almost literally nothing.

So in conclusion, watch and share all our stuff, tweet @WSOP that you want us on the featured table, and Dave, better luck making better deals next time. And fix the fucking internet.