Lost In All This Trump-Russia Business Is The Fact That The Pop Star At The Center Of It Is A BEAST

For those who aren’t totally caught up, here’s what I know (have read in some tweets): Rob Goldstone, the legend, helped facilitate a meeting between Junior and a lawyer who represented the Russian government and wanted to spill on Hillary. As I understand it, and I don’t really understand it, the lawyer is connected to a Russian oligarch whose kid is a Russian pop star, that’s where music publicist Goldstone comes into play.

Well guess what? This kid puts out HEATERS. This “In Another Life” song is the jam of all jams. I don’t know about all this “treason” and “collusion” talk but I know when my ear holes are getting pleasured by a handsome Russian man and that’s exactly what’s happening right now. Am I crazy in thinking he’s got a little Ricky Martin thing going on too? I might be but that’s what my heart is telling me.

Song of summer talk has been wrapped up for a while now but if you don’t think I’m gonna be fist pumping and chugging some Stolichnaya to this, this weekend then you are a mad man. Russian pop stars trying to influence American government + Miss Universe contestants + Donald Trump is how you make music magic.