16 Marines Die In A KC-130 Crash While Training In Mississippi


A US military plane crashed into a field in Mississippi and exploded, killing all 16 people on board.

The plane was described as “twirling around” before it plummeted into a soybean field in rural Leflore County, 85 miles (135km) north of Jackson in the Mississippi Delta at 4pm (9pm GMT) on Monday.

Bodies were reported to have fallen on Highway 82, more than a mile from the crash site, and debris found up to five miles (8km) away.

Service members who die in combat often have their stories told for years. Service members who die in training typically don’t get that attention. Their service is no less important.

It’s always sad to hear stories about the loss of life. Needless to say, our thoughts are with the Marine unit back at Cherry Point, North Carolina and with all of the Marines’ families and friends. Like all accidents of this nature, the fallen members will range from older officers to younger enlisted members. The pain will be felt across the ranks.

This week on Zero Blog Thirty, Connor and I will try to find out some information on those who lost their lives this week. They deserve to have their story told. Semper Fidelis.