I'd Really Prefer For Joel Embiid To Not Try Bare-Handing Home Run Balls


When you’ve been in the city of Philadelphia for long enough, you know exactly how this story ends. The Sixers move up to draft Markelle Fultz. They have a healthy Ben Simmonds. JJ Redick signs in free agency. And then Joel Embiid goes down to Miami for the Home Run Derby, tries to snag a ball sans glove, the hand breaks and he’s out for the rest of the year and all the hype over the last few weeks has been for absolutely nothing.

The Sixers are cursed. That much is a fact. Our guys can’t even walk down the street without getting some sort of injury that forces them to miss time. So sitting next to Meek Mill while trying to catch some dingers without a glove just seems like the perfect storm. All I’m saying is we’ll need to keep an eye on that hand for the rest of the year.

Speaking of Joel’s hands, holy fuck these things are monsters.

I don’t doubt it.