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How Long Would It Take You To Make The Women's Olympic Curling Team?





So this question came up yesterday. Could you medal in any Olympic Women’s sports. Now I’m not going to be all Mr. Hardo here, I will 100% admit there are many sports I would have zero chance in. Skating, skiing, ski jumping etc. That takes years and years of skill and practice, something I just don’t have. But curling, curling is a different story. Curling takes no physical fitness or stamina (currently my 2 biggest downfalls), it’s just shuffleboard on ice. The barrier to entry is basically being coordinated, that’s it. After that it’s just learning the intricacies of the game and practicing. So I’m saying 4 months. You give me 4 months where I curl everyday for 10-12 hours a day and I’ll have amassed the requisite skill set to play on the US Women’s national team. Feits said no chance, but he’s also the guy that didn’t realize you should probably stop eating in the last 2 days of a weight loss challenge. It wouldn’t be easy, but if you actually tried I’m convinced you could do it. Curling is officially the sport basically anyone can be good at if they had the time and patience.



Time to Vote. Not a question of if but when would you be able to make the US Women’s Curling Team.


Vote 1 for 1 month, 2 for 2 months, 3 for 3 months etc. etc.


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