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Guy Made An "Everything You Need To Know" Video Ripping Millennials For Pretty Much...Everything

Woah!  Another hit piece on millennials. Except this time it’s told through the eyes of Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s uglier, red headed, gender neutral twin. This is the definition of glass houses. It’s a bold move making fun of an entire generation of people while rocking a male pony tail. Sorry Caleb. I could easily spend an entire blog making fun of this guy’s looks, voice and general demeanor but I’m not going to. Why? Because at Barstool we don’t pick low hanging fruit. We’re facts guys. And the fact of the matter is that this guy is…plot twist, RIGHT! Only problem is he’s talking about the loud minority, not the silent majority. Which is why millennials get a bad wrap. Makes sense, the media always pays attention to whiners and complainers.

But, I’m calling bullshit on some of his “millennial specific” characteristics. Getting mad at a late Amazon order is universal, brah. I’m not paying $99 a year for standard shipping. That’s poor people shit. And those eighty-seven unread voicemails you’re upset about? We get it, you’re popular. I do agree with the gluten allergy line though, everyone knows those don’t exist.

The only thing I can chalk the millennial hating up to is jealousy. I know that sentence in and of itself is a “millennial” thing to say but I don’t care. According to this guy “not caring” is also a millennial thing to say. Round and round we go.