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Lavar Ball Does Not Appreciate Being Compared To The Kardashians Even Though They're The Kardashians

“We not following the Kardashians the Kardashians following us”

Uhhhh I disagree, Lavar. You are exactly the Kardashians. You’re an overbearing parent who is using their children, who all have names that start with the same first letter which is also coincidentally the first letter of your name, in order to promote a personal brand in order to gain wealth and a reality television show. That’s the Kardashian game plan to a T, Lavar. I’m not even hating (though I do hate Lavar Ball), it’s just preposterous to say “Stop calling us the Kardashians” when you are exactly the fucking Kardashians.

And don’t come at me with the “At least the Balls have talent.” They do, but “the Kardashians don’t have any skills” is the war drum of the idiots. They’re the most talented marketers on planet earth and I’m not even sure who’s second, maybe Apple. They’re ahead of Apple in terms of marketing.

So while they’re not the worst company/family to aspire to be in terms of financial goals, that’s undoubtedly who you are, Lavar. You’re the Kardashians. You’ve even had the same number of NBA players in your family.