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AirBNB Owner Pushes Guest Down The Stairs, Might Not Receive The Best Review

Daily Mail- This shocking footage shows the moment a tourist was brutally pushed down a flight of stairs by an AirBnB landlord who could be facing charges of attempted murder.

The push was the culmination of an argument that took place on Saturday afternoon in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam between four tourists who had rented the flat and the landlord.

According to local media, the tourists should have left the house at 11am but at 1pm, they were still not ready to leave. 

The landlord can be heard shouting ‘goddammit’ in Dutch while one of the women is crying out ‘oh my God’ multiple times.

The video then shows the landlord walking down the stairs and calling for someone to call an ambulance, ostensibly realising to his own horror what he has just done.

The woman was taken to hospital. According to local media she luckily only sustained minor injuries and was later discharged.

AirBNB is a gamble. It’s usually cheaper than a hotel and it’s nice to step into someone else’s cozy home for a weekend, as opposed to a cold hotel that’s crawling with varmints and sexual residue. But AirBNB only works so long as everyone adheres to a few rules. The guest needs to respect the homeowner, which means leave at the allotted checkout time and don’t light the house on fire or take a dump in the shower unless the drain is really, really wide. The homeowner needs to provide basic amenities like sheets and towels and a staircase that the guest can walk down. Clearly, both sides broke the rules here.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that the lady is ok and sustained minor injuries, even though it looked really bad. Let’s also recognize that the host seemed to immediately realize he’d made a huge mistake, which doesn’t absolve him but does remind us that people are fallible. With all the PR stuff out of the way, how about the lady filming the whole thing? Maybe step in and act as a brace or safety harness to stop your friend from luging down the stairs face-first. Try to placate the screaming dutchman with a pancake before he sends her on her way?

Strange to see this go down in Amsterdam. The Dutch are second only to the Swiss when it comes to avoiding conflict. They like wind, tulips, weed, art, and speed-skating. They talk like their mouths are full of ice cubes. Also, as a kid, I’d often try to slide down the stairs but it was always more of a bump-tumble. This lady looked like she was on a slip-and-slide. I’m not saying I’m jealous but I’m jealous.