Smoke Tennis Player's Whacky Dad Coughed During Her Opponent's Serve Because Anything Goes At Wimbledon

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Daily Mail- French Open champion Jelena Ostapenko accused Camila Giorgi’s father and coach Sergio of using dirty tricks by deliberately coughing when she was about to serve.

Ostapenko, 20, beat Italian Giorgi 7-5, 7-5 in one hour and 21 minutes but felt her opponent’s box were showing ‘unsportsmanlike’ behaviour on the No 2 Court.

The Latvian suspects it was Giorgi’s wacky-haired father and said: ‘A couple of times they were shouting before my serve. I told the chair umpire and she kept an eye on it.

‘It was just before my serve, somebody started to cough. I think it’s a little bit, how you say, unsportsmanlike.

Ah, Wimbledon. The most prim and proper of all sporting tournaments. It makes a polo match look like an unsanctioned bare-knuckle cock fight. Where every player wears white from head to toe, the crowds dress up and sip Pimm’s Cup cocktails, and where an unkempt father/coach with a tickle in his throat is lionized for attempting to give his daughter an edge. Look at this guy:

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Like Doc from Back To The Future if he’d turned the DeLorean into a blowdryer. As seems to be the case with many women tennis players, Camila Giorgi’s father is also her coach. This creates a very stressful dynamic because tennis father-coaches are the most demanding, intense people on the planet. Imagine those sideline parents at your rec soccer game who couldn’t even sit in their lawn chairs because they were so involved in the game; who would have to be restrained from physically assaulting the ref in the parking lot. Now multiply that by a billion and you’ve got a tennis dad coach. Makes it very hard to date their daughters. But sometimes, you just have to try, especially when they look like this:

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PS- check out her brother:

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Something real couple-y about these two. Sure his body is great but he looks like someone just woke him from a coma. Is that really the face you’re going with for your sibling pic? Don’t tell me the picture caught you by surprise; you’re flexing. Fuck out of here you hairless, 7-foot Gheorghe Muresan wannabe.

PPS- his name is Amadeus, which is actually awesome.