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This Is The Most Beautiful Sight I've Ever Seen

Is that not the most beautiful sight in the world? It’s officially official. After years of grinding and playing poker, all it took was hard work (and a very favorable advertising deal), and now tomorrow I’ll be sitting down in the WSOP main event. Amazing.

And yes, buying in was fucking awesome as well.

Yesterday I hung with my new friend Phil, and tomorrow I get to compete against him in the main event.

Play starts at 11am. I’ll be tweeting updates (you’re allowed to be on your phone when you’re not in the hand) and Smitty will be on my rail. It doesn’t seem likely that I’ll be on TV unless I get lucky and get the same table draw as one of the big name pros like Phil or Negreanu, so cross your fingers for that.

Just gonna play my best and try not to think about all the money and all that- just play it like any ol’ tournament, hope the cards fall my way, and hopefully some good things will happen. 11 am tomorrow, see ya there.