Smoke Tennis Player Parties With Tennis Bad Boy Nick Kyrgios In London Nightclub And Now Her Dad Wants To Knock Him Out

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Furious father of British tennis starlet Chelsea Samways has said he wants to “knock out” Wimbledon bad boy Nick Kyrgios.

The world number 20 pulled out of his first round match at SW19 against Pierre-Hugues Herbert citing hip trouble.

Later that night, the Australian was spotted leaving Cirque Nightclub in Soho arm-in-arm with Miss Samways.

According to her father, the 18-year-old snuck out to join Kyrgios and fellow tennis ace Monique Belovukovic clubbing.

“I had no idea she was going out with Kyrgios. Like all young tennis players, she knows the others on the circuit and she is friends with Monique [Belovukovic]. And she [Monique Belovukovic] knows Kyrgios.

“I don’t want any of this nonsense to get in the way.

“If Kyrgios was here now I’d knock him out. In fact I’d like to knock him out.”

If you’re new to the program here, Nick Kyrgios is a “rising” tennis player with the God-given talents to make him the best player in the world. The reason I put rising in quotes there is because he’s essentially hit the peak of his career, with the current mental state of his game, which is in the teens of the world rankings. He’s un-coachable and always breaks down at some point in grand slam tournaments with fake injuries or berating his player’s box or the umpire. In the first round of his 2017 Wimbledon he retired with a hip injury. It was classic Kyrgios, who actually entered the tournament with the SIXTH best odds to win the whole thing at 16-1. A few hours after pulling out, it seems like he was pulling out of someone else after the club. Hey ohhhh!! He was spotted hanging out and leaving a London nightclub with two gorgeous up and coming British tennis prospects Chelsea Samways and Monique Belovukic.

For research purposes, here’s what Monique looks like

And here’s what Chelsea Samways is looking like these days (on the right)

Not toooo bad….not too bad at all for playboy Nicky Kyrgios. Nick has a reputation for smashing just about any women tennis player on the tour so you can see why Chelsea’s dad was a little mad when he saw the photos of them out together. He went far enough to say if he saw Nick in person he would knock him out and he might have to seek him out to do the job. This is just reason #56837028573 to never have a daughter. I would be losing my mind if I were a dad seeing my girl out with Nick Kyrgios at a London club till 3am.

Love the move that he grounded her (she’s only 18) and took away her car. Such a classic dad move there. You go party with a tennis “star” who’s known for fucking anything he sees? Well, you know what? You’re, uhh, you’re grounded! That’ll do it!

To be honest I’m kind of rooting for Lawrence Samways, her dad who is a plumbing engineer, to find Kyrgios’s house and beat the living shit out of him. Guy looks like he gives absolutely zero fucks. He’ll probably show up with a giant wrench or something.

Oh also reasonn #56837028574 that you should never have a daughter? Check out Chelsea’s Instagram, for research purposes…

Hey Chelsea? Sup…

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