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This Friday Night (TOMORROW) Is Barstool Night At The Ballpark In Crestwood Illinois


^^The original promo flyer Big Cat made for the Windy City ThunderBolts in 2013^^

There’s an old saying around Barstool… real old… and in some capacity/way/shape/form it involves the words Brick by Brick. So much so that a google site search for “brick by brick” on returns almost 500 blogs.

So here’s what Brick by Brick actually looks like:

4 years later and I think we can safely agree that Big Cat and Pres have officially outgrown Frontier League promotional work. Just a hunch. So WhiteSoxDave and I have decided to step in and throw a party for the degenerate Chicago stoolies that still love stuff like this. And in the most barstool way imaginable, the party is tomorrow night Friday July 7th in beautiful Crestwood, Illinois. That means no planning, very little understanding of our responsibilities and (most importantly) pretty much free reign on whatever we want to do during the game. Maybe a live speed pitch contest on the mound in-between the 5th and 6th? Maybe we get a tailgate keg race going Cubs vs. Sox. Idk. I don’t really care. I just want to get loaded with my guys.

So here’s the set up…

– Game is at 7:05pm at Standard Bank Stadium in Crestwood

– $3 you call its and $1.50 Bud Heavies (otherwise known as the Chicago southside special)

– Tickets are $7-$10 and can be bought here.

– For the Finance Crew, that means you can get pretty-to-extremely hammered for about $30-$40 on a July Friday in Chicago. That should be good news for the Finance Crew.

– Michael Jordan, Ryne Sandberg, Dick Butkus, Frank Thomas, Theo Epstein and Rick Hahn have all tentatively accepted invites*

– Dave and I are doing a simulated game against the team beforehand, around 4:30pm. Like we’re actually playing against a team of professional athletes – me pitching, Dave hitting. After that, we’ll be giving it the Big Cat and Pres special from 4 years back and making sure the crowd stays into the game. No clue what that actually means but it promises to be a good time.

*Silence as acceptance