Tom Brady's New Book Has The Cockiest Title Ever

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“A Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance: The TB12 Method”

My GOODNESS, ladies and gentlemen. If that’s not the rudest, cockiest, most beautiful thing you’ve ever read then I’m not even sure what to tell you. It’s poetry at a level we haven’t seen since Sheil Silverstein stopped scribing.

And you know what? There’s no one on the world other than Tom Brady who could get away with this title. Me? I couldn’t do it. The title of my book would be something along the lines of “I Had a Good Day Back In ’06 and Ate Some Fruit Once: The John Feitelberg Method,” but Tom Brady drops “a lifetime of peak performance” and no one can do anything but nod their head and think, it’s not braggy if it’s true. Just look at these career highlights and say he hasn’t had just that…

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Those highlights don’t even include personal life accolades like Tara Reid in her prime, impregnating Bridgette Moynahan, marrying Gisele Bundchen, being the hottest NFL athlete ever, an Aston Martin sponsorship, and more money than god. Tom Brady has lived peak life, both on and off the football field, for longer than a significant amount of people on this earth have been alive.

If there’s anyone who we can learn from, it’s him. Get me a pre-order!