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Some Dude Stole A Towel From a Young Fan At Wimbledon And Caused An Absurd Amount of Outrage

So the highest seeded American in the men’s bracket, Jack Sock, defeated Christian Garin yesterday, but no one really gave a shit about the match. As Sock returned to his chair to gather his stuff and head out he noticed a young fan wanted his towel. So he did the right thing and tossed the kid his towel. That’s when this older dude decided he wasn’t letting go of the towel even if his life depended on it. I mean just a laugh out loud hilarious move by the older guy. Zero fucks given if that towel was going to make that kid’s day. Nope, I’m going home with the 17th seeded American’s towel which is worth literally nothing. I found this very funny, but tennis twitter and some players did not…

Of course Andy Murray’s mom had to get involved because that’s all she seems to do.

And of course the Grand Slam tournament main twitter handles teamed up to save the day

If this were Federer’s towel or Serena’s or Nadal’s or Murray’s then yeah, sure it’s a big deal I’d be pretty salty too. But come on it was Jack Sock’s disgusting, dirty towel. If it was a racket then that’s way different here.  Do we really need outrage and to call this guy the biggest douche bag in the world over a towel? Also not like the kid was 5 years old, that guy was easily 15 and had his sweater tied around his waste which is just a ridiculous move in the first place. Do I feel bad for the kid? Sure a little bit because obviously Sock was throwing it directly to him, but this is getting blown way out of proportion. We’re acting like the old dude just got up and punched the boy in the face. This is more funny that this is over Jack Sock’s sweaty towel than it is an outrageous move by the guy.

P.S. NOTHING was funnier than Johnny McEnroe becoming enraged because Federer’s opponent bowed out in the second set yesterday

You can literally hear McEnroe bang his fists on the table in disgust. I was walking out the door to head to a BBQ and caught this and could not stop watching it. Lot of older heads in tennis are outraged by lesser talent dropping out because of injury in the early rounds. Yeah it sucks and it’s bad for the sport, but it’s even worse for bettors who get screwed because the match didn’t go two sets and make your bet official. You have to assume Johnny Mac had a few Euros on the match.

I’m here for all of your towel outrage @ehubbs13