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Wildlife Pro Saves A Bald Eagle The Day After July 4th, Instant American Miracle

You know the old tales of people helping Santa Claus deliver presents in order to save Christmas? This is almost the same thing, but times 1000. According to the Greenfield Police Department’s Facebook page, some patriot called in and notified them that an Eagle was injured. They swooped in like a bunch of G.I. Joes to save this symbol of American freedom.

The Eagle has a broken wing and was not able to fly away. Rick Hutson was the wildlife rehabilitator and doesn’t think that the Eagle will be able to be released into the wild due to the injury. This would be the biggest blow to the Eagle community since Nelson Agholor was taken in the first round.
Eagles are beautiful creatures, and it cannot be coincidence that this story broke the day after the 4th. Maybe a powerful metaphor for American culture. Anyway, here are some bad ass videos of eagles to help cure your 4th hangover.

Written by @JakeBass657