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Rob Kardashian Is Posting Blacc Chyna's Vagina All Over His Instagram

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 10.57.23 AM

NSFW here

I love a lot of this. Vaginas on the internet? One of my favorite things. Being embroiled in relationship drama when I’m not in the relationship? Humungous fan. Any sort of internet controversy at all? I live for that shit. Getting revenge on an ex if she sends you a video of her fucking another guy on America’s birthday? Sure, I’ll raise a fist to men’s rights for that one.

But you know what I am not a fan of? Reading a fat dude’s sexts. What the shit is that, Rob? You have a crop tool on your phone and your family comes out of the womb as a social media expert, ASK them. I don’t need to see your begging for a pussy shot and I sure as hell don’t need to see you spelling “come” “cum” like you’re a goddamn 13 year old sexting in an AIM chat room. It’s grotesque. Did you hear what I said, Robert? You’re so gross that your words are grotesque! Don’t subject me to this nonsense. Any guy in the world would die before he lets anyone see the text messages he sends out when he’s horny and you’re out here publishing it on Instagram to 9 million followers? Use your fucking head, man.

PS – Her nipples are GROSS and apparently he paid 100k for them? Get your money back, son.

PPS – Rob is also whining about how much money he spends on her. 100k on nipples, ass reduction surgery, 16k a month on rent, his jeweler sent her 250k in jewelry yesterday… at some point, and the point is a couple hundred grand ago, you start to get the blame for that, dude. After like, I don’t know a month’s rent, you become the fucking idiot.