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Here We Have A Couple Vikings Burning Their Ship In The Mountains

HuffPo- Footage posted online last week by YouTuber Gesali Diferg shows people adding accelerants to the wood for their bonfire. 

No one appears to have been injured, but there was almost certainly some singed hair and racing heartbeats.  

It’s not clear when or where this was filmed, but the lesson is timeless… and it’s right in the title of the video: “Don’t put accelerants on bonfires.” 

Nothing complicated here. Just a couple vikings burning their ship in the mountains. Not entirely sure how they dragged this dismembered vessel up from the sea but then again, we don’t understand how the pyramids were built either. Vikings have that old-fashioned strength you glean from eating walrus meat and pillaging villages on your way out to the outhouse for your morning dump. You can’t build that type of lean muscle mass at Crossfit, try as they might.

I love how the torch-bearers didn’t even wait for the last guy to vacate the pile. Too excited, eyebrows be damned, we’re lighting this thing up. Standing just feet away like they’re about to make s’mores. Reminds me of that opening scene in Mulan where they light the signal fires along the wall when the Huns attack. Still gives me chills when the guard mook goes “now all of China knows you’re here,” and the bad guy responds “perfect.”

PS- they might be German. Or from any country really. But I chose vikings for the sake of comedy.