We Had A Full-Field Goalie Goal In The MLL. I Repeat. We Had A Full-Field Goalie Goal In The MLL


Before we get to the goal, I just have to vent real quick. Yesterday there was U13 lacrosse on ESPN2. Now as a lacrosse guy, clearly I don’t have any issue with that. What I do have an issue with is while you could easily watch a bunch of 13-year-olds playing lacrosse on ESPN2 yesterday, you wouldn’t be able to watch Jack Kelly score this full-field 2 pointer right before halftime in the Denver Outlaws vs Atlanta Blaze game live unless you have a subscription to Lax SportsNet. If the MLL ever wants to see any sort of legitimate growth, they need a tv deal and they need one fast. Because there is so much talent in the league and so many highlights that come in every game. Many not plenty of moments just like this one, but unbelievable lacrosse being played every week of the summer. But if a 2-point goalie goal happens and nobody is on LaxSportsNet to watch it, did it really ever happen at all?

And that’s not a knock on LaxSportsNet. They’re not the issue here. It’s just the incompetence by the people who run the MLL to get some sort of actual tv deal in place. Anything at all to where you don’t need to pay an $8 monthly subscription to watch.

Now that that’s out of the way….

What. A. Fucking. BOMB. from Jack Kelly here. In the dying seconds of every single quarter of every single lacrosse game ever, players are told to just get the ball on net. Rarely does it ever work out and end up with a goal, but you still see goalies bomb it down the other end of the field right before halftime pretty much any time you watch a lacrosse game. Which makes this even worse for Adam Ghitelman in the other net. Ghitelman has been in the game for a while now. He should probably know he needs to be ready for absolutely anything until he hears the buzzer go off. But instead he goes to take a swig of water and gets posterized on one of the very few lacrosse highlights that’ll go viral this summer. Tough break.