The Broncos Rip Off Bill Belichick in a Pathetic Display of Plagiarism


This is what’s become of one of one of the NFL’s once respectable franchises, and it’s sad. Truly. There was a time when the Broncos had some dignity. At least a shred of originality. Slogans like “Orange Crush,” “Mile High Football,” “Time to Ride” or “Carrying post-HGH Peyton Manning to the Super Bowl, Weekend at Bernies-style” might not have been “Play Like a Champion Today,” but at least they were Denver’s own. They didn’t just steal them like a Melania Trump speech.

Where’s the Delta I used to know? Where’s the pride, huh? Where’s the guts? Belichick comes up with an organic slogan-for-the-ages, an three word classic that instantly became legend. And not five months later, they flip two words and call it their own. Just pathetic. And this from a team that just won a title, so you’d think they’d have enough self-confidence to come up with something. But nope. They just do what everyone is doing now and that’s look over the shoulder of the smartest kid in class.

Where does it end? Are they going to just take every Patriots catchphrase and try to make it theirs by saying it in Yodaspeak? “Your job, do.” “Cincinnati, we are onto.” “Unequivocally the sweetest, this is.” Why not just replace the white horse with a guy in a tri-cornered hat and put some militia behind the end zone while they’re at it. At first I thought that if I was Mr. Kraft – and God willing, some day I will be – I’d sue the Broncos for copyright infringement. But after giving it some thought, I’d let them sell these, because it’s such a terrible look for the whole state of Colorado. As a matter of fact, I’d buy 70,000 of them and leave them on every seat in the stadium, in hopes everyone wears them to embarrass themselves even further. It’d be money well spent.

At least we can be sure there’s one Pats motto these plagiarizing pricks won’t be stealing any time soon: “5X Super Bowl Champions.”