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Fox News Acknowledges the Proud Tradition of Grading Sex Scandal Teachers


Fox News[T]he apparently increasing frequency of female teachers having sex with their young male students is … relentlessly covered by tabloid media – inevitably with a mugshot of the teacher paired with “sexy” photos from her Facebook or Instagram accounts – and the stories are often predictably similar. Perhaps the teacher is found out when the boys boast about it to their friends, or when a parent finds out – and she can’t evade guilt because of sexts or flesh-flashing photos she sent. Details are drawn out like a soap opera: Sex in the teacher’s car; indiscrete emails and text messages, with photos; and then the discovery as the boy tells a buddy or a nosy mom finds evidence of the malfeasance. It’s a virtual syndrome.

Part of the syndrome is the social acceptance. Barstool sports even “grades” each accused female teacher based on “looks,” “moral compass” and “intangibles.” …

Legal experts, meanwhile, are beginning to speak out about a double standard regarding how courts treat male versus female statutory rapists.

“Men fall into the usual stereotype of somehow believing a teenage male student probably enjoyed a sexual relationship with his adult teacher. Male teachers are always labeled as predators by the public,” Steve Albrecht, a Colorado-based threat assessment and school violence expert, told Fox News.

It’s taken almost a decade and literally hundreds of Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher blogs for the mainstream media to finally acknowledge it, but the SST is not just a trend. It’s not a fad. Or even a crime wave. It’s Americana.

Hot teachers flushing their educations and careers down the toilet for a few seconds of awkward, fumbling sex is a part of who we are. Deeply embedded into our national psyche. As iconic as the cowboy, the astronaut or the cheerleader. The way America was once defined by brave pioneers in deerskins and coonskin caps taming the wilderness, so we are today defined by sexually deviant women texting titty pics and giving blowies in a school broom closet.

And yes, Mr. Albrecht is right. It’s good to see Colorado based threat assessment experts are finally onto what we at the Stool have been celebrating since we were just bi-monthly Boston newspaper: The Double Standard. And on this, the weekend we celebrate our nation’s birthday, let’s pay homage to our Founding Fathers for have the wisdom to put the Double Standard right in the Constitution the way they did. Welcome to the party, Mr. Albrecht.

Lastly, let me humbly say that it is an honor to be the tip of the spear of such a noble cause. I’m proud to see SSTs coming out of the shadows and finally getting the recognition they deserve. And if people want to say I’ve played a major part in that – Spoiler: I have – then I will graciously accept their acclaim. Happy 4th of July everyone. And God bless America.