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Steve Mills Appeared To Laugh At A Video Of Melo's Personal Workouts

Look, I don’t like Steve Mills. I think he’s been a big reason the Knicks have been a goddamn joke this century. But damn if I don’t agree with his reaction to Melo posting late night workouts like he’s JJ fucking Watt. Every year it’s the same shit with Melo. Workout in the summer. Talk about making the changes necessary to turn the Knicks around. Play well to start the season. Get upset after the Knicks skid. Have a meeting with the front office. Fire off a few #StayMe7o cryptic tweets and Instagram messages. End of season. Rinse and repeat. The one good thing about having Mills and his cockroach survival skills in the Knicks front office is that he has seen all this shit before. New Year, New Me Melo is seductive. Pop in an old Olympics highlight reel or video of him when he tried back during his Nuggets days and you may be able to convince yourself that Melo is ready to become a star again. And then by February, Melo is back on his bullshit and acting like a teenage girl on social media. Steve Mills knows better. Hence why everyone had a “Look at this motherfucker doing this shit again” face on. Hopefully Melo saw this video, got pissy, and realizes it’s time to go and ruin another franchise.

And would you look at that? Look at what Woj tweeted overnight.

Is Steve Mills actually playing chess for once in the Knicks front office?!? Did he set up this video to be shot by the MSG KGB knowing how Melo would react? Hahahahahaha just kidding. Knicks brass is lucky if they can figure out the rules to Connect Four. But still, hopefully this is a move to get Melo off the Knicks and allow them to truly rebuild around the 7’3″ 21-year-old glitch we have as everyone in the NBA waits for the Warriors to get bored with winning or get old.

h/t Nate