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Donald Trump Tweeted A Video Meme Of Him Beating Up CNN. Yup, That Really Happened

BAH GAWD THAT’S DONALD TRUMP’S MUSIC!!! Someone tell the Wendy’s Nuggets Kid that his tweet is about to be wiped from the record books. I thought Grudge Dave came out swinging with memes and gifs. Well El Presidente meet The President of the United States, Grudge Donald. I thought Donnie would change his Twitter game when he got into the White House. Nope. Now that he’s the most powerful man in the free world, Donald truly doesn’t give a fuck. And if CNN doesn’t fire back with their logo on Stone Cold’s head, we have to cuncel them, right?

This is a moment they will be teaching our children’s children in history class. I still can’t believe this tweet is real. I mean Trump basically told us this was coming yesterday.

Now we know Modern Day Presidential means a President tweeting out video memes about his haters. I mean Harry Truman probably would have slapped a Crying Jordan face on Hitler during V Day if Twitter was around. And JFK may have tweeted the Arthur fist at @FidelCastroOfficial once the Cuban Missile Crisis hit a fever pitch. But the internet wasn’t even a thing back then. I thought seeing LaVar Ball on Raw would be the craziest wrestling moment of the week. But as usual, The Donald trumped everyone (a little double entendre for you on a Sunday morning)

And not only did Trump tweet out that video, but Donnie retweeted it on the @POTUS handle just to make sure it was as visible as possible, in case the fact that every single person in the world quote retweeting it with their 2 cents wasn’t enough.

I don’t know if The Donald just turned July 2nd into the new July 4th or what, but this is something we will talk about for years. July 1st is Bobby Bonilla Day, July 2nd is Trump CNN Tweet Day, July 3rd is wide open (until Trump does something wild tomorrow), and then July 4th is Independence Day AKA President Whitmore Day. If March comes in like a lion, July comes in like Khaleesi’s three dragons.

And once again it has to be said. I can’t believe Twitter is free and struggling. People can’t go five minutes without checking their timeline. Every NBA fan is refreshing it nonstop for Woj Bombs and emoji wars. And the President of the United States is dropping haymakers on media titans via shoddy videos that Millmore wouldn’t even put the Barstool watermark on. To borrow a phrase, it truly is Bananaland.

And shout out to this dude for being able to spin zone on his toes mid-interview. I can’t imagine being a political talking head that had to defend a Donald Trump tweet in real time.

FNN is so ridiculous it’s kinda funny, but stay away from BNN Donald or we will cease and desist your ass so fast it will make your head spin.