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An NBA Free Agency Emoji Skirmish Has Broken Out On Twitter Over Gordon Hayward

Fuckkkkk yessssss. I have been waiting for a 2nd emoji war to break out since the first glorious one happened in July 2015. And while this isn’t a war, it is clearly a legit battle. The first war was over DeAndre Jordan and this skirmish is over Gordon Hayward. Not superstars but still impact players in The Association. While people are partying on the Saturday before the 4th of July, I’m alone at my home refreshing Twitter like an absolute LOSER. And you know what? I don’t give a shit. I just love people going at each other on Twitter one petty cartoon symbol at a time in the weirdest triple threat match ever between players from Boston, Miami and Utah. Some people like watching a well-run offense or weakside defense. I like watching three players talk shit about each others cities while referencing rings they didn’t win. Pick three cities/franchises with backgrounds this different getting into an internet fight over a basketball player. You can’t. It couldn’t have been easy for Rudy Gobert to throw the first punch by trying to convince people that Utah is a better place than Miami and the Jazz are a better franchise than the Celtics. Most heroic thing I have ever seen a French guy do.

Add this kerfuffle in with the picture of Blake Griffin being lumped in with JFK, MLK, Gandhi, etc. and this summer’s NBA free agency period is off to a fantastic start.

Still the GOAT emoji war tweet