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The Bruno Mars vs. David Guetta "Versace On The Floor" Remix Will Knock Your Socks Off And Knock Your Girl Up

A live look at your girl after listening to that song:


Oh my worrrrrd. Bruno Mars and David Guetta releasing this song before 4th of July Weekend was a rash and thoughtless act. The original Versace On The Floor song was already one of the greatest baby making songs on the planet and had contributed to countless socks being placed on door knobs around the world.

But to unleash this song right as Americans embark on a long weekend of drinking heavily while wearing beach attire is nothing short of careless. The Surgeon General should come out and put a message before this song plays. Because once the first note hits, the clothes are peeling and people are going to get freaky with each other. Bruno Mars already is responsible for thousands of babies being conceived every year. This remix is only going to pad his numbers.

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