I Can't Figure Out This Tara Lipinski/Johnny Weir Relationship




Yes I’m sitting in my apartment watching figure skating, whatever, when in sochi right? Anyway, if anyone else has been watching this Johnny Weir/Tara Lipinski duo is absolutely baffling. They’re like in love and about to fuck at any moment in time except for the fact that Johnny Weir is gay and they totally won’t. Like look at them here, I’m 99.9% sure Tara Lipinski is sitting on Johnny’s lap. There is so much room in the booth yet she’s basically spooning with him while they announce couples figure skating.




Hand 100% on cock.







Planned their outfits to match, giggling at each other’s jokes, Sexual tension all over my television screen, and yet Johnny Weir is about as gay as gay gets. I’m just lost. Maybe this is NBC’s way of getting me to watch a sport I don’t give a fuck about? Sex sells. One second you’re watching figure skating and the next you have Tara and Johnny fucking in a giant fabulous ball of glitz and glamor.  Savvy play on their part.





Also, let’s get an actual consensus here. Tara Lipinski?


1 for No Boners, 10 for Boners.



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